Who's Looking at Your Mail?

Do you really know who looks through your mail? Increase the security of your financial accounts and reduce your risk of identity fraud and sign up for E-Statements today!


Are delivered directly to your personal email

  • Any personal email address will work (i.e. Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc.). Most email providers offer email accounts free of charge and email accounts can be set up at any time.

  • Many companies do not allow employees to use their work email address to receive personal emails. Broward HealthCare FCU would prefer you to provide us with a personal email address for your E-Statements. This way, if you change jobs or your company changes your email address, your E-Statements will not be disrupted. Please check with your Human Resource Department prior to using your work email address for personal use.

Are password protected for added security

  • When you receive your E-Statement email, you will need to retrieve your E-Statement by going to the Broward HealthCare FCU website

Minimize your exposure to identity theft & fraud

  • Receiving your statement electronically reduces your exposure because your printed financial information never enters the postal mail system and therefore reduces the number of people that handle your financial information

Increase the security of your account information

Eliminate paper clutter

Don't wait for the US Postal Service to deliver your monthly account statements. Retrieve them electronically on your computer! With Broward HealthCare FCU's E-Statements, you can view your account statements, print them out, or download them to your files. Its Easy, Fast, and Free!

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